Fill in the blank with a modal. Choose from: can, could, have to, may, might, must, will, would.
A: I’m moving on Saturday. you help me?
B: I’m sorry, but I . I hurt my back. My doctor said that I lift anything heavy for a while. I help you in some other way?
A; Yes. I don’t have enough boxes. you mind getting some for me?
B: Sure! I go shopping this afternoon. I pick up some at the supermarket.
A: Boxes can be heavy. You lift them yourself. You hurt yourself.
B: Don’t worry. I have someone help me.
A: Thanks. I’m so busy I don’t have time for anything. I go to class all last week.
B: You be tired!
A: I am! Say, I have another favor to ask you. I borrow your van on Saturday?
B: I'm sorry. I work on Saturday. How about Sunday? I work on Sunday.
A; That’s impossible. I move on Saturday. The new tenants are moving in on Sunday morning.
B: Let me ask my brother. He be able to let you use his van. He work on Saturday too, but only in the morning.
A: Thanks. That would be nice.
B: Why are you moving? I like your apartment.
A: I want to get a dog, and I have dogs in this apartment. I was able to find an apartment in Ypsilanti that allows dogs.
B: Really? I’ve been looking for an apartments that allows dogs for a long time.
A: You call them right away. They have another apartment available.
B: Just think. We be neighbors!